Month: July 2018

5 ways to get your resume read

5 ways to get your resume read

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  1. State your intentions

Are you open to relocating? Only open to relocating to Dallas? Never intend to leave Chicago? State what you want and where you want it below your personal information, (and never include your address- Name, City, State, Cell Phone and email ONLY).

Objective: Seeking a leadership opportunity in the Pacific Northwest in a Quality / Risk Management position with an acute care healthcare organization.

If you want to manage your job search instead of it managing you, state your intentions where the reader can grasp the information the first 10 seconds.

2. Just the facts

Writing one’s own resume is difficult. You think you’re amazing and maybe you are- Yet what you believe to be great about you may not resonate with a prospective employer. 

  • Include accurate month / year of each position– Omitting this information is always suspect
  • Location- Don’t forget to add city and state of each position
  • Lead with – Overview of the organization and title (not name)of the person you reported
  • Be specific- Use starting and ending facts to paint a picture of what you inherited and what you accomplished
  • Know your numbers– Include the size of your budget, how much did you save, how much did you earn for the organization. If you’re in a clinical staff position- What were your patient ratios, who was your typical patient, what EMR did you use, etc.
  1. Be a Tease –

What are you most proud of? Is it the clinical outcomes of your unit, migrating your EMR system, leading your organization through a M&A, recruited and retained 10 providers in 3 years?

Each position you list should have one  “tease” mid paragraph to entice the reader to “take notes” and calendar a call with you.  Creating a tease is a conversation starter to demonstrate your qualifications and develop rapport with the stakeholders.

  1. Answer the Unasked Questions – Too many unanswered questions can result in your resume never getting a second look. Review your resume to include:
  •  Interim or Perm- Be sure to specify
  • Remote or onsite? If it was remote- Add it
  • Last bullet – why did you leave the position, be brief and don’t include anything personal
  •  Promoted during your tenure? Include what you did to garner advancement
  • What EMR system did you use
  • Leadership training, relevant conferences and continuing education

5. Show a little Personality- Even a CEO candidate should limit their resume to two pages, (.5 margins, Arial 10). You can show a little personality by including:

  • Add a LinkedIn icon next to your name and link it to your profile
  • If you served on any interesting fundraisers or professional related community endeavors add it as a close to last bullet per position
  • Close your resume by adding: Community Involvement and Interests- Keep it wholesome and professional. Did you lead your son/ daughter’s Scout Troop? Raise 10k for a 10k walk? Or perhaps you’re a 3x Tough Mudder participant
  • Including a few bullets points  insight into who you are as an individual and what you have to offer

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