Month: November 2017

CAH CEO Boot Camp? Is it time?

Coaching has been the go-to strategy or solution for healthcare leaders in transition for the past 10 years. At Hunter Ambrose we’ve been honored to coach New Grad’s to Physicians to Hospital CEO’s. We’ve be apart of amazing results aiding Hunter Ambrose Candidates with the professional arc of their respective careers and organizations.

Whether leaders are passing the 5-year mark in tenure or changing seats every 24 months, the expectation to outperform increases daily.

Which asks the question, “Is coaching enough for the executive of today who needs to lead tomorrow?

For rural healthcare organizations, often isolated by a rural geography or organizational independence; it’s imperative for the CEO’s leading the nations Critical Access Hospitals to seek out information and competitive resources to not just survive, but to become the competition in their marketplaces.

CEO Boot Camp, a Hunter Ambrose e-course will be available to hospital CEO’s who represent Rural America. The 6-week class is  limited to 10 hospital CEO’s seeking a competitive advantage to safeguard, grow and lead their rural hospital to success in 2018.

The need for CEO Boot Camp is evident as Hunter Ambrose clients experience the same challenges with often the same limited resources and marginalized results. As the firm continues to partner with hospitals in Rural America, we are acutely aware that a conference in the spring of 2018 or the latest bestselling book are informative tools, yet perhaps not real-time solutions.

Our team for CEO Boot Camp led by Retired Brigadier General Todd Plimpton will include industry leaders and CEO’s from the highest performing CAH’s in America. The CEO Boot Camp team includes clinical, legal, financial, recruitment and leadership experts to provide real-time solutions and strategies to Rural America’s healthcare organizations.

Todd’s leadership style is a deep-dive into the realities and opportunities healthcare executives are facing on a daily basis. The “no-excuses” style of problem-solving among peers creates a collaborative alliance where each CEO can readily implement change and see around the longer bend for threats and opportunities.

Hospitals in Rural America are often the subject of a doom and despair subject matter; when in fact  Rural America is full of opportunity and growth. Each Rural American Hospital is typically the county’s largest employer and a safety-net not just for healthcare but for the economic strength of the community.

CEO Boot Camp is for the experienced or recently promoted executive seeking strategic solutions for today’s challenges of leading a healthcare organization in Rural America.

CEO Boot Camp kicks off January 22, 2018, email us to reserve your seat