Month: May 2017

Location, Salary, Title?

Did you know that Memorial day signifies the “busy season” for hiring and recruiting?

Hiring for healthcare professionals and management candidates doubles between Memorial Day and October 1st. The ability to move during the summer offers a plethora of perks for candidates who have school age children and avoiding bad weather when doing a long distance move is always a plus. In addition as many organization’s fiscal year starts July 1st; new positions are often created in the summer months.

As candidate’s look towards new opportunities Our first question is always, “location, salary, or title?” In short, what are the motivating factors and how are those factors ranked?

For candidate’s focused on location if the size of the city is less than 100,000- The job search is narrow from day one. The higher up the professional in the leadership ladder; the less opportunities will be available. For example; if a Chief Nursing Officer needs to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico he/she will be limited by the number of hospitals in that area.

For candidate’s focused on salary this goal is quickly tempered when comparing the salary range to the cost of living. A CEO candidate at Hunter Ambrose recently interviewed in San Francisco To have a comparable salary to his Kansas City position; he would need to earn $360,000.00- The salary range was up to 320k- However, the cost of living quickly deflated any earning / savings potential. Focusing on salary can be a house of mirrors for most candidates. It’s wise to evaluate state taxes, property taxes, commute time and cost of essential services such as childcare or elder care before being seduced by a great opportunity based on salary.

Title- Candidates who are looking for a title are typically the candidates most likely to have a faster and more successful job search. Focusing on title quickly communicates that we have a candidate who is looking towards professional growth, contributing  and goal achievement. The candidate who is motivated by a title is a candidate who is flexible, willing to wear more than one hat and will relocate anywhere that meets his/her personal goals.

If starting a job search this summer season consider your motivating factors and where the flexibility lies. The result will be more opportunities and perhaps even an opportunity which matches all 3 goals of  location, salary, title.

For healthcare organizations seeking to have a successful hiring season spend the time to get to know your prospective candidates. Share the salary range early on and have a transparent conversation about what responsibilities the title includes and the future opportunities of the position.