Month: March 2017

Creating your IDEAL workday

The BBC posted a great article, “The Boss Who Doesn’t Believe in Work Life Balance.” Fantastic article and videos about a Santa Monica tech CEO who has a disciplined, non 8-5 culture extending to his 55 employees.

The article overall is fantastic and inspiring. The CEO’s discipline, decision management and drive is above criticism because it works for him and his team.

Which promotes the question- What is your ideal workday? What do you need to do to be a super successful version of yourself? What daily rituals do you need to ensure you’re meeting your emotional, professional and personal needs? And, what levels of decision management can you incorporate to allow more time to meet those needs?

Looking at the arc of my career;  when my youngest was in 2nd grade, I needed to leave work at 4pm and would  have gladly picked up my day 30 minutes later. However, I couldn’t leave before 5pm, (because that was the company rule set by men who didn’t pick up their children at the end of the day). To drive the 7.5 miles to daycare and home would take up to 90 minutes after 5pm. I had no options to create an ideal workday and I was a low performer by my standards and exhausted most of the time.  Getting home at 630 pm; I lost a good 60-90 minutes of “mutual homework” time with my children where I could have been online for work.

I realize most of Hunter Ambrose’s clients and candidates, as they work in healthcare, are mandated by a regimented scheudle. However, for the rest of us who have the luxury to flex our hours, we should be asking- What does my ideal workday look like? What decisions can I delegate or regulate? What lifestyle decisions can I implement which will help me do more for my clients and ultimately improve the culture, revenue and future for my firm? If you’re reading this Monday March 6th; start a 100 Day Challenge.

Make some decisions, start some new routines, stick with it until June 13th and I’ll guarantee the insanity of working the long hours will seem more fluid, calmer and overall more productive.

A huge thank you to Ross McCary for being an inspirational CEO. Namaste.