Month: May 2015

104 Days and Counting

Memorial Day for most recruiting firms signifies the beginning of the busy season. Traditionally more placements occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day due to ease of relocation. 

Labor Day is 104 days away and if you are even briefly contemplating a job change, starts with a to-do list to understand where you’re at, what you want and what to do tomorrow. 

Job Search Summer 2015 Checklist

1. I want to find a new job because _____________. Fill in the blank. Write it down and look at it for the next few days. Are you making a move because you’re stagnate, don’t like your boss and or want to progress to perhaps the most challenging position you’ve ever had? Or, do you need better work life balance to care for aging parents? Get to the true reason you’re looking before you start the search. 

2. My new job is based on Location, Opportunity, Salary. Identify which one ranks #1, #2 and #3. And, it should go without saying, if you won’t consider relocation and you’re currently in leadership- Pick up the phone and look locally. If you’ve maintained above average relationships with your local peers, your next job should be a few conversations away. 

3. Get your house in order. Assuming you’re open to relocating and your job search is based on opportunity, salary and location (my favorite order of priorities); it’s time to get your “house” in order. Update your resume (at least a little if you’re current position isn’t listed); double check your social media for privacy settings and start visualizing what you’re looking for next. Also, be sure you can afford to find a new position. Most hospitals will require the candidate to front the cost of the onsite interview, (a check is waiting for the candidate upon arrival) and request a Sunday arrival and a Tuesday departure. In addition, there is no relocation package which will pay for everything. Available vacation days, cash and credit on hand for the onsite interview and the same to pitch in for the relocation are as necessary as a good navy blue suit for a quality job search. 

4. Find a few recruiters to work with- Firms find quality candidates for clients, they don’t find jobs for candidates. And, when a firm doesn’t have the type of position a potential candidate is looking for, a professional recruiter will find that opportunity or make recommendations to the candidate. 

5. Be prepared for a SparkHire, Skype interview and or onsite panel interview. Be ready to be uncomfortable with the volume of requests, (personality tests, video interviews, etc.) hospitals are requesting today. 

6. Know your numbers- Even if you’re a coder, you need to know your metrics. What have you achieved over the past year, what do you achieve on a daily basis, what are your HCAHPS, what was your annual budget, how many FTE’s do you have, what EMR’s are you familiar with- You get the picture….Know what you’ve done, what’ you’ve accomplished, so you can pivot that experience towards a better opportunity. 

7. References- You will need 10. Be prepared to provide 2-3 leadership, 2-3 colleague and 2-3 subordinate references with names, telephone and emails. Needing to delay this request and or not providing enough references are a fast track to being disqualified. 

8. Offer- Once you’ve been offered the position, be prepared to accept within 24 hours. At Hunter Ambrose EVERY offer letter has 24 hour expiration. If our client is not a candidate’s first choice, we can’t guarantee the candidate for 1 year. No employer wants to be a sloppy second choice- No more than you do. Be decisive, be direct and accept or gracefully decline before the offer. 

9. Relocation….Hire help. Get your kid’s home from college, ask you’re Mother to pack the kitchen and just get the miserable exercise over as quickly as possible. Hopefully you find a rental during your onsite. If not, go ahead of your family, get settled and have everyone join you in 30 days. 

10. First Day. Hopefully, if you’re looking for a new job this summer, your first day is before Labor Day and you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy your new community during the summer months. When the honeymoon is over and you have your first bad day at work; remember there are no perfect jobs and no perfect candidates. However, if you’ve accepted a new job which is furthering your career, adding value and or balance to your life; embrace the chaos, solve the problems and be grateful you probably won’t be job hunting and or relocating for at least another 2-3 years! 

We wish you and your family a safe and fabulous summer.

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