Month: February 2015

Want to be a Super Star Candidate? Get Happy!

Earlier this week we presented 5 candidates for an executive search. All great candidates. Accomplished, motivated, great communicators. However, our client was not impressed.

Hunter Ambrose utilizes SparkHire. I mention this because I’m 99% sure Hunter Ambrose was the first healthcare recruitment firm in America to latch onto this amazing piece of technology and sing its praises from Hawaii to Maine. When a Hunter Ambrose client receives a candidate dossier; it includes a link to view the candidate’s SparkHire video. It’s 10 questions and 1 minute per question to respond.

This group of candidate’s took the SparkHire seriously- It’s part of the interview process. Unfortunately, they took it so seriously and tried to answer too much per question- The smiles and the personality of the exercise were absent.

When rounding back with my client- I understood exactly what he needed from the candidates. Happy people.

To keep a job, get a job and get people to like you and follow you- You need to be happy. Really happy. You need to exude so much joy, humor and blind confidence- People want to talk to you and work with you when they walk through the office door. Every day.

The great thing about being happy is that if you fake it for even a few minutes- Your brain will believe it. People around you will believe it. No matter how miserable you feel on the inside- Faking happiness will ensure a better day. No matter what.

In the recruitment process we put such a serious (albeit required) focus on the requirements of the position and for some reason we take ourselves so ridiculously seriously as recruiters- We sometimes forget to ask the most basic, primal recruitment question,”Would I joyfully, willingly want to work with this person 52 weeks a year? Would I, with excitement, raise my hand to join this person on the impossible project?”

And, it was my answer to this question, (per candidate) that soothed my clients concerns and elevated what appeared to be the least qualified candidates to the most qualified candidates- These candidates were happy. These were the candidates I had truly enjoyed talking with, learning about and looked forward to taking their next call. These candidates were happy people.

We need to put a bigger, glossier price-tag on happiness. We need to enthusiastically fake it and understand it’s for all of the right reasons. It’s a requirement for success and a mature mannerism every professional should embrace.

Happiness. Fake it or feel it. We all want it and deserve it.